MetexEp specialised areas

Sampling & Laboratory Support

MetexEp is currently operating 7 independent laboratories or product sampling verification sites for our clients, namely:
• Metex Afrimat Demaneng Iron Ore laboratory (Northern Cape) – appointed by Kumba Iron ore/Anglo American
• Metex Salene Manganese laboratory (Northern Cape) – appointed by Theresa Minerals
• Metex Aucampsrus Iron ore and Manganese laboratory (Northern Cape)
• Metex Japiesrus Iron Ore Laboratory (Northern Cape) – appointed by Japiesrus Minerals
• Metex Griekwastad Iron ore and manganese Laboratory (Northern Cape) – Appointed by Koedoeskloof Iron Ore mine
• Metex Thabazimbi Iron Ore laboratory (Limpopo) – appointed by ArcelorMittal
• Metex coal final product quality verification (Mpumalanga) – appointed by Eskom

The laboratories focus on the independent product sampling, sample preparation, accredited chemical and physical analyses for third party final product verification and certification.

MetexEp is also involved with the laboratory accreditation process for existing laboratories as well as the design and implementation of new laboratories.


MetexEp has considerable experience in designing, operating, and supporting various laboratory facilities, focusing on:

– Independent product and raw material sampling
– Independent sample quality verification
– Internal and external laboratory audits
– QA QC laboratory management services including Equipment validations, generating required Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), Accreditation support for laboratory certification readiness, accreditation implementation and training
– Physical analyses (size analyses, point load strength index testing, densities, and moisture), and fused bead, press pellet XRF chemical analyses.

MetexEp develops, implement, and maintain systems compliant with the following standards:

  • ISO 3082 – Iron ore, sampling, and sample preparation
  • ISO 4701 – determination by size distribution by screening
  • ISO 4296 – Manganese sampling and sample preparation
  • ISO 1988 – Hard coal sampling
  • ISO 17025 – Laboratory competence for testing

MetexEp also established various laboratories based on the client’s requirements in the following commodities:

  • Iron Ore – Hematite
    • Magnetite
    • Manganese
    • Coal
    • Heavy Mineral’s
    • Gold
    • Diamonds

Metallurgical Support

• Bulk sample characterisation and modelling
• Product Blending bed modelling
• Facilitating in the manage and support of pilot scale test work (DMS, Reflux, Spirals, screening, Magnetic separation, Floatation and desliming)
• Metallurgical plant audit (metal accounting)
• Bias test campaigns (Production samplers, final product verification samplers and third-party samplers)
• Pilot plant test campaigns
• Plant optimisation and grade control management
• Plant design (Mass Balances, Process Design Criteria, Control Philosophies)
• Project management (concept-, pre-feasibility- and feasibility studies)
• Due Diligence studies

• Metallurgical analyses (Ore characterisation, Crushing properties and laboratory scale beneficiation test work)
• Exploration drilling core management, core recovery, photography, cutting, sampling and data management
• Ore characterisation (exploration, grade control and plant samples)